Sommer break break: Enabling Python and Ruby in recent Umbraco versions

27 Jul

Hello all!

Updates have been slow recently, since it’s vacation time. We’ll return to our regular scheduled programming in a few weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a solution to a problem that’s been bothering me for a while: Python and Ruby support for Umbraco versions greater than 4.6.

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Flash is terrible: How to fix fullscreen flash

02 Jul

As we all know, flash is downright terrible, and should preferably go away as quickly as possible.

However, while we’re forced to contend with it, let’s at least try to make it as painless as possible.

One common cause of frustration with flash in multi-monitor mode, is the fact fullscreen flash windows (youtube videos, for example) close as soon as you click anywhere else.

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Brain teaser: A more complicated way to negate integers

25 Jun

Today, we will look at a brain teaser:

Design a function f() that operates on whole numbers, such that f(x) = y and f(y) = -x. Or, more succintly, f(f(x)) = -x.

I will help you analyze the problem, and contribute my suggestion for a solution, along with an explanation of why it works.

Spoiler warning! You WILL learn an answer to this question. If you want a challenge, attempt to solve the problem before reading the rest of the post 🙂

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Do you speak crypto?

24 Jun

If you’re anything like me, you quite often need to debug something network-related.

That’s all well and good, but without the proper tools, it can be a real hassle. One situation that you will often find yourself in, is connecting to a server speaking some protocol over SSL or TLS.

The problem is, you don’t speak crypto! Or do you?

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She sells zsh’s by the C-shore

21 Jun

Okay, bad pun asides, I’m going to show you a neat little zsh trick that significantly improves the whois output on Danish .dk domains.
I assume you already know zsh, which is objectively the most awesome unix shell in all of history. If you don’t, go get it now! Then come back here. Read more →

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What’s a hacker?

13 Jun

Hello World!

My name is Christian Iversen, and I’m a computer scientist, entrepreneur and all kinds of geeky.

On this blog, I’m going to post about things that interest me, which means that the content is going to be technical, and oriented towards all kinds of science. But above all, it should always be interesting. If I fail at that, kindly let me know 🙂

So in this first post I want to talk to you about the word “hacker”. Everybody knows what a hacker is, right? The kind of person who breaks into computer systems, wreaking havoc and ruining lives. Well, actually not.

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