Sommer break break: Enabling Python and Ruby in recent Umbraco versions

27 Jul

Hello all!

Updates have been slow recently, since it’s vacation time. We’ll return to our regular scheduled programming in a few weeks.

In the meantime, here’s a solution to a problem that’s been bothering me for a while: Python and Ruby support for Umbraco versions greater than 4.6.

I often work with Umbraco, a Danish Open Source CMS system. They support writing Macros, which in Umbraco terminology basically translates to “reusable function”.

Macros can be implemented in several different ways. Either XSLT files, .Net User/Custom Controls, or HTML embedded with C# in the form of .cshtml Razor files.

However, in older versions Umbraco supported 2 very nice programming languages, Python and Ruby. Sadly, in more recent versions, this support is gone.

In version 4.7, Umbraco prepared to split out Python/Ruby support into a separate download. In versions < 4.6, it was included in the core, and in versions > 4.8 it was not available at all.

However, on the 4.7 download page:

There is a download called Umbraco.MacroEngines.Iron.Zip. This is the extension for IronPython + IronRuby.

It contains some nested folders with bin files inside. These should all be copied to the /bin folder of your website.

Python macro in Umbraco 4.11

Then, under Development, find the Scripting folder and right-click. Now you should see “.py (Umbraco DLR Macro Engine). This is an indication that it’s working.

And that’s it, really. Enjoy!

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